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Lester Miller Ph.D. (2000)
Jason Detwiler Ph.D. (2005)
Nikolai Tolich Ph.D. (2005)
Sam Waldman Ph.D. (2005)
Jesse Wodin Ph.D. (2007)
Kazumi Tolich Ph.D. (2008)
Matt Green Ph.D. (2010)
Naoko Kurahashi Ph.D. (2010)
Francisco LePort Ph.D. (2010)
Russell Neilson Ph.D. (2011)
Maria Montero Diez Ph.D. (2012)
Kevin O'Sullivan Ph.D. (2012)
Karl Twelker Ph.D. (2014)
Scott Kravitz Ph.D. (2017)
Dan Fudenberg Ph.D. (2018)
Alexander Rider Ph.D. (2019)
Michael Jewell Ph.D. (2020)
Michael Jewell, Ph.D. (2020). ""Search for neutrinoless double beta decay with EXO-200 and nEXO Thesis
Alex Rider, Ph.D. (2019). "Measurements with optically levitated microspheres" Thesis
Dan Fudenberg, Ph.D. (2018). "Improved discrimination for neutrinoless double beta decay searches with exo-200 and nEXO" Thesis
Scott Kravitz, Ph.D. (2017). "Identification of single barium atoms with resonance ionization mass spectroscopy for the nEXO neutrinoless double beta decay experiment" Thesis
Karl Twelker, Ph.D. (2014). "Surface adsorption and resonance ionization spectroscopy for barium identification in neutrinoless double beta decay experiments" Thesis
Kevin O'Sullivan, Ph.D. (2012). "The search for zero neutrino double beta decay in 136-Xe with EXO-200" Thesis
Maria Montero Diez, Ph.D. (2012). " Development of a resonance ionization spectroscopy ion-transport probe for the enriched xenon observatory" Thesis
Russell Neilson, Ph.D. (2011). " Discovery of the two-neutrino double-beta decay of xenon-136 with EXO-200" Thesis
Francisco LePort, Ph.D. (2010). "Towards a precision measurement of the half life of neutrinoless double beta decay of 136Xe" Thesis
Naoko Kurahashi, Ph.D. (2010). "Acoustic detection of ultra-high energy neutrinos" Thesis
Matt Green, Ph.D. (2010). "On ion probes and traps, barium tagging for the EXO double beta decay detector" Thesis
Kazumi Tolich, Ph.D. (2008). "Measurement of neutrino oscillation parameters and investigation of uranium and thorium abundances in the Earth using anti-neutrinos" Thesis
Jesse Wodin, Ph.D. (2007). "Single ion trapping in a buffer gas and liquid xenon energy resolution studies for the EXO experiment" Thesis
Sam Waldman, Ph.D. (2005). "Single ion trapping for the Enriched Xenon Observatory" Thesis
Nikolai Tolich, Ph.D. (2005). "Experimental study of terrestrial electron anti-neutrinos with kamLAND" Thesis
Jason Detwiler, Ph.D. (2005). "Measurement of neutrino oscillation with KamLAND" Thesis
Lester Miller, Ph.D. (2000). "The Palo Verde neutrino oscillation experiment" Thesis

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